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Thank you all for the lovely Valentine's messages ;-) :hug:
I am constantly getting asked to do other stuff besides birds so I am Looking for female models in the UK Nottingham/Derby  area to do some TFCD especially retro clothes 40's/50's/60's also any other stuff that you might be intersted in - please PM

Jamie ;-)
A Big 'Thank you' to every one who voted for me in the Akzo Nobel competition I was finally beaten by 16 votes to Georgia Darlow's beautiful landscape shot -…
We have a winner! Or a runner-up, to be more exact.
After a titanic battle, you voted @[160452557479008:274:Georgia Darlow Photography]'s dramatic skyscape as the best entry out of the six remaining finalists in the A Magazine photo contest. 

Georgia beat Jamie MacArthur’s kingfisher by just 16 votes at today’s 15.00 CET deadline.
Our congratulations go to Georgia, we’ll be in touch shortly about your prize. Thanks to everyone who voted and made it so exciting.
Looks like they are trying to get me to win as the deadline has extended , so please havr a look and take a vote if you haven't already…

thank you so much again ;-)
 J xxx
Well it is the final day of voting for this competition. Thank you to everyone who voted for me so far, much appreciated.  I am currently in second place, so if you haven't visited it yet, please spare a couple of seconds to "like" your favourite Thank you all again

Urgent !!

I entered one of my kingfisher shots into "A Magazine" competition to win a trip to Yellowstone Nationa Park workshop with Photographer Chris Weston - unfortunately I didn't win ;-( but I have been listed as one of the 6 runners up ;-). They are now asking for people to come a 'like' their favourite image from the six runners up, just in case the winner for some reason can't make it, then they would go in their place. Please take a look and if you feel my image is one you like, then please 'like' it or like the one you prefer - Many thank - Jamie……

Bless you all ;-)
I would like to thank you all for you beautiful and heartfelt birthday wishes which you have all taken time in your day to send me. I am truely honoured to have so many friends ;-)))

Another great piece of news is that yesterday one of my kingfisher shots won a a prize of a 1000 and had become a front cover of a calander… It is all for a good cause and if you don't know what to buy for someone's Christmas, then here is a thought ;-)

Thank you all again fot your kind thought, support and wishes ;-)

Jamie :kiss::hug::kiss:
OK My 'AMAZING' friends time to say goodbye for a while ;-((((

I had a few dreams for this year, One was to become a wildlife photgrapher for Nat Geo, or for any magazine for that matter, but absolutely nothing has come of it. I also started a property business, but due to banks changing their lendin policy that has also stopped, I wrote a sequel script for the film "Paul" which I dreamt would be a hit and finally now my personal life has taken a bit hit. So for the moment I need to stop to fingure out what I am doing and what I can do now!!!

Thank you all for your beautifu comments and fantastic support ;-) I think I have managed to answer just about evey comment ever made to me and of course all your wonderful notes ;-)

I hope you still find time in your lives to go out and find the beauty and pleasure that birds have brought me. The world has some beautiful wonders and it is up to eveyone out there to keep it that way. No matter how little try and find something positive each day to help it before it has gone forever.

Until we meet again

Take care

Jamie :hug::kiss::hug:
Another 25 pieces of Spam in the past few hours. ;-((((((((((((((((((

whay am I getting so much Spam - 20 today ;-(  c'mon DA sort it out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you get a chance please pop by and vote for my photo in National Geographic Daily Dozen;-))))

thank you very much ;-)) :hug:
OK my DA friends I am hoping you can help

I have always wanted to be a wildlife photographer since I was a kid. I only finally got the chance to start a few years ago, and was hoping to be discovered by now!
Unfortunately this hasn't happened and may be never will, however I still got to pay the bills lol

So I am looking for work !

Ideally I would love to work for Nat Geo, howver I would also like to work teaching wildlife photography on wildlife tours or something to do with natural history.

If you know of anyone or friends of anyone who knows someone who are in this filed of work, please forward them my details or get in touch. I don't mind travelling and I don't mind which part of the world!

Many Thanks my DA friends

OK this is the time of year when I will be organising bird workshops in Lesvos Greece

If you are interested in Photographing the beautiful European bee-eater as well as many other beauties then please 'Note' me . Prices start from 1100 all inclusive from Gatwick London for a week and 1375 for 2 weeks based on two people sharing - single weeks start from 27/4/13 and two weeks start from 20/4/13
group sizes are small and include some use of my camera equipment

Many thanks


OK this is the time of year when I will be organising bird workshops in Lesvos Greece

If you are interested in Photographing the beautiful European bee-eater as well as many other beauties then please 'Note' me . Prices start from 1100 all inclusive from Gatwick London for a week and 1375 for 2 weeks based on two people sharing - single weeks start from 27/4/13 and two weeks start from 20/4/13
group sizes are small and include some use of my camera equipment

Many thanks



I seem to be drinking lots of wine tonight like there's no tomorrow :omg:


OK some of you may have noticed I have been a little absent again ;-(

I am an avid Fan of the film "Paul" starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Directed by  Gregg Mottola. After sitting down with my two boys at Easter and watching Sean of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Paul. I had a long kinda dream and vision. The next thing I knew I was writing it all down.
As my English grammar is pretty bad (may be because I am Scottish lol) I got my friend Karina Lyburns to edit it for me.

I call it "First Class"

If you click on the link it will take you straight there.

If you haven't seen Paul, then please go out and buy it before watching this one ;-)

I hope you enjoy it.

P.S I think you should be over 15 before reading it lol


Hi Everyone I hope I find you all well ;-)

Sorry I have been away for a while, I had to run my business for a little time and then I ended up in hospital for a week with problems with my kidneys ;-( Unfortunately that also coincided with a birding trip to
the Shetland isles which I then had to cancel ;-( (so not many new photos). The good news is that I have just about made a full recovery and I have just completed a another property for my business, which means I will be back for a little time yay. ;-)

Oh and I just found out I got another DD - WOW I'm so honoured ;-) Thank you all again ;-)

I hope you din't miss me too much :omg:

Jamie :bighug:

I will try and catch up with all your lovely comments and requests

25th July 2012

A Commission for anyone interested 100 Euro or the equivalent value in Dollars or pounds

I need someone to make me a piece of artwork. It needs to be a 16:9 format as it is going to be used on my wedding web-site

It has to contain the following - A bride, a groom, a bride's maid, a church, a cake, an old car, flowers and old historic building and anything else to do with weddings.

I need you to use only royalty free images or your own drawings, sketches etc which I can use for commercial use. I need the image to be as dramatic and in the realms of fantasy .

I will need the image in about 2 weeks with each component of the image on a separate layer on photoshop

Full credit to you and a link to your web-site will be given

Please Note me if interested

Many thanks


P.S feel free to pass this on


Well tomorrow I'm of to the NW Isles of Scotland (isle of Skye and Uist) to track some Birds of prey - will be away for a week, so wont be able to reply to anything unless I can get a signal

Thank you again for all your lovely comments ;-) ad hopefully I will catch up with you all on my return

all the best

Jamie :hug:

I'm Back!!!!

Hi Everyone I'm back after a couple of weeks in Greece ;-)

I see I have many comments to catch up with. I will do my best to answer them all . Until then thank you for being patient

all the best


Hello Everyone ;-)

I am off for a couple of weeks now to do more birding ;-)

Thank you all for looking and  for all your lovely comments ;-) I have tried to answer every comment given which takes me a few hours everyday, but it is the least I can do ;-)

anyway hope to see you all when I get back ;-)

take care :hug:


I took voluntary redundancy just over 10 months ago to follow a few of my dreams , one of which is bird photography!

I have been on here just over a month now and cannot believe the overwhelming response to my work ;-) It fills me with great joy to know that you like my photographs as much as I enjoy taking them. I had no idea so many of you would like them and I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and kind comments. I do try my best to answer everybody but this is becoming exceedingly hard each day but I will do my best ;-)

There are loads of fantastic artists with incredible talent on here and I am trying my best to find you, but unfortunately time is always our enemy, and of course I think there are 30 million members registered

Soon it will be time for me to start shooting stuff again so again my time will be limited - but I'll do my best to keep up

My wish would be for someone to either find professional use for my work so I could do it full time and that would help pay my bills, or for someone to write a book and use my stuff for reference as writing is not my forte - or both ;-)

Alternatively you can always hire me for guided trips, tuition or even talks. I haven't worked out any rates yet but I'm sure I could ;-)

lastly a 'Big THANK YOU for the DD that shot has now has 2550 favourites in 8 weeks - incredible

I wish all the best to all my new friends

Jamie :hug: